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He did so by throwing down three balls, holding two on both hands, with the third one tossed to him by teammate John Wall. McGee's ex-husband, the Rev. His half-sister, Imani McGee-Stafford, followed in the family footsteps to play professional basketball.

Pamela also has a gold medal from the Olympic games to her name. He is, however, in a serious relationship with Giselle Ramirez whom he met in while she was working as a realtor in Los Angeles. Pamela is working on recognizing when to be a mom and when to be a financial manager. And the father said it took away too much from the daughter.

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Together, they have a daughter named Genevieve Grey McGee. McGee the single working mother I stumbled across a story about the custody battle as I was trying to see if Pamela had any response about where JaVale was drafted or his fit with the Wizards. For now, the basketball champ has no wife as he is yet to tie the knot with his girlfriend. But the court did not investigate whether the father's travel schedule, which took him on the road seven to eight weeks a year, made him an unfit father. Apart from his profession, JaVale McGee has a family of his own.

You need to make a lot of sacrifices to be a good parent as well. He has also shown an interest in the Philippine basketball team.

Nevertheless, watching the draft and digging up information about prospects got me interested in Pamela McGee. By leaning on her faith, she found her way. In his motion for temporary sole custody, McGee's ex-husband, the Rev.

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JaVale McGee, the basketball superstar who is presently making waves in the Golden State Warriors is the guy you are looking for. His teammates were photographed smiling and laughing with him.

She also played college basketball for Texas University. They were eliminated by the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round after seven games.

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