Who is trey songz dating now 2019

Who is trey songz dating now 2019

However they stay engaged and aCharles is voted Prom

Beverly is Jenn's mother who resents Jenn for getting to live her dream as a nurse. Charles is voted Prom King. They end up being filmed by someone who was watching. However, they stay engaged, and a wedding is foreshadowed in the future.

While at the club, Cassie goes to the bathroom only to find Serge waiting for her. At first, Jenn does not like Dana, but they eventually become friends.

Jenn is devastated by this news and struggles to cope in this difficult situation. Sage recovers from her coma and later runs for prom queen which she wins. At the end of season two, she and Charles are in a car accident, and she winds up in a coma. Charles becomes jealous and breaks up with her, thinking he is holding her back. She and Cassie are both shown to be firm in standing up for causes they think are important.

Tay starts his music career, but he gets into trouble with his parents about it. Meanwhile, Lizzie leaves the Outreach dance early after Andrew tries to kiss her during a song which brings back memories of Johnny. Lincoln Heights is suddenly hit by a massive earthquake. Despite her own concerns on this, she stays with her husband and puts her medical skills to good use.

They end up being filmed byShe really likes him but

She is last seen at Cassie and Charle's engagement party. He becomes Lizzie's boyfriend for ten episodes. Lizzie and Johnny start a relationship. He has type I diabetes type and has a strong passion for music.

Charles's parents reunite as do he and Cassie. He served in Iraq in the Army. Tay is named after the surname of the family that took Eddie in when his mother died. Tay's career of being a singer is working out great, but he ends up getting into trouble because of it. She married Eddie and had Cassie while still a teenager, which is mentioned later after Cassie thinks about settling down with Charles.

Eddie's father, Spencer, finds the man who gunned down his wife and Eddie's mother when Eddie was thirteen years old. Cassie and Eddie don't get along after that. Lizzie furthers her deep relationship with Andrew by including him in family activities.

Charles decides against going into the army and instead accepts his father's offer to pay for him to attend a good college. She really likes him, but the memories of Johnny Nightingale are too much for her. She is elected prom queen in junior year. While walking home alone, Lizzie gets attacked by a man who is after the teddy bear because of the drugs concealed in it.

He is very in love with her, and eventually Lizzie returns the feeling. Johnny Nightingale Gus Hoffman is Tay's best friend throughout seasons one through three. He suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Nate was raised down in the south by neither Eddie nor Dana. Eddie did not know Nate was his son until the season three finale.

Charles decides against going into theBeverly is Jenn's mother who resents